Tuesday, 7 February 2017


My childhood friend Jemina was visiting me last weekend. We don´t see each other too often but every time we do it´s just like always; easy and fun. We did´n do much, but doing not much is the best. That´s true friendship when you can just be quiet and fart once in a while. We did do some shopping for Jemina´s future baby and we ate some healthy raw food because that´s Jemina´s passion. After that we compared Jemina´s baby stomach to mine food baby.

One food baby and one real baby

On sunday we visited art museum Artipelag, witch is not far from where I live. There was an exhibition about Lars Wallin´s fashion stories. He is a well known Swedish fashion designer who has tailored exclusive evening dresses for private clients into different evenings, galas, banquets and even to the stage of Royal Opera. The exhibition was a peek into Lars´ sketches, process, samples and inspiration. It was a perfect agenda for me and Jemina because our history together was the starting point into my fashion/textile career. When we were kids, maybe twelve years old we started our own business, dressmakers shop called Pakitus. Pakitus means sewing backward. I think the name symbolized that we were not that good dressmakers in the beginning. It was a game in the first place, but little by little we got better and we grew our business. We were running Pakitus through junior high school and high school so all together six years. We made all kind of custom made clothes in a small room in Jemina´s parents house and listened Electric Light Orchestra all day long while sewing. We also made three fashion shows that we presented at schools spring and christmas festivals.

Pakitus fashion in 2004

For a moment we were local celebrities at Nokia after this article
After high school Jemina started to study mathematics and I started my fashion studies. Pakitus times were over and ever since our lives has became quite different. Jemina became a math teacher, wife and soon mum and I´m eternal dreamer and wanderer. In spite of all we are still best friends. It meant a lot when Jemina now asked me to be her little boys godmother. I promised to teach him all the naughty and wicked stuff :D Saturday evening we memorized our happy childhood and Pakitus times by the fire and I sketched our childhood environment and Jemina´s parent´s house of that time. Our Pakitus was located to the second floor, left window. I finished the sketch into a print and I made a small print family around it. I placed the print to baby body´s because it was definitely our theme last weekend.

Ateljee Pakitus was in second floor, left window

Simple prints for baby clothes
Mini baby collection

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eija aromaa said...

ihanat upeat kuosit ja varsinkin kiva nähdä vanha lehtijuttu teistä!ajattelinkin että sinusta tulee uuden tulokkaan kummi! tiedätkö, olen juuri kääntämässä Vasas flora och fauna biisejä suomeksi (tulevat vierailulle Vaasan Littfest -kirjallisuustapahtumaan, asuvat Tukholmassa) ja yksi biisi niistä sun pitää kuunnella! youtubesta löytyy: Gudförälder. halauksii sulle!