Saturday, 11 February 2017


In the beginning of time there was just darkness. Then god created something furry and spotty and named it Leopard. God planted seeds and they grow into a jungle. Leopard was really lonely in the jungle so one day god decided to create a friend for him. While Leopard was sleeping god used leopards tail and transformed it into an other living creature; a Snake. Something went terribly wrong. The leopard woke up and freaked out because he had someone attached into his butt. The leopard and the snake didn´t like each other but they just had to get along for the rest of their lives. End of the story.

Here is how I created the Paradise in four days:

The animation is not the most professional one but it is my first! I tried to impress my dad who makes animations for living but in the end my dad had to combine the pictures into the animation. Thanks dad!!! My video making failed a bit because I couldn´t download the animation program to my computer.
First steps
This was my extended weekend project few weeks ago. My boyfriend was "thrilled" when he came to visit me from Finland and I was just glueing pieces of paper to the wall. It turned out just fine and I named him as a studio responsible. (I can make him feel important if I give him fancy nominations )  And he was a great help in taking pictures. Thanks my dear Sasu for your endless understanding and support 😘
Kitchen studio

I really like this kindergarden technique; cutting colorful papers and glueing them into different shapes. I also like the contrast of the childish technique with dark and a bit scary theme. I have had this idea of the dark jungle and a big cat a long time and I´m now so relieved when I was finally able to execute it out. The photographs don´t represent the real print. In reality the colors look more fresh and you probably can´t even notice the gold paper I have used? Nordic winter is not the best time to take pictures because there is so little daylight in a day. I´m so happy that the days are gradually turning more sunny and light.
Nice afternoon brake. A long sunny walk around the lake and hot chocolate on top of the rock with Sasu.
Paradise. This is the whole repeat. I made it in half drop.

  The Paradise was a lot of work but it was worth it. I´m super happy for the final result and I can now have a nice self made poster on my wall. I just need to find frames that are big enough.

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