Sunday, 26 February 2017


A while ago there was a "scandal" in Finland. MTV3 is dubbing the classic Moomin animations again to update them to the modern language. People are against this because there is nothing wrong with the old ones. I agree. Following this conversation I also bumped into the three Moomin episodes that were never published in Finland. I watched them and I agree that it was good that they didn´t released those. Anyway I got really exited watching also the old Moomins. I have been sick again so I have had a lot of time to watch them. Moomins are my absolutely favorite animations of all times!


In the past I have watched all Moomin episodes over and over again so I know them thoroughly. We had all of them recorded on VHS:s when I was a kid. However one of the Moomin VHS stayed untouched. That one included episode about phoenix bird and somehow my brother was shit scared of the phoenix. Thats why the whole VHS was forbidden.

Now years after I watched it and it was good!
Moomins have always inspired me. Especially the animated Moomins. Inspired by the phoenix episode I made a Phoenix -print and it is dedicated to my little brother :)

Sketching process 

I started to sketch birds and by cutting and combining different bird parts I ended up to the final sketch. I draw it clear with black ink pen and I finished the print with Photoshop and Illustrator. I created the repeat in Illustrator with pattern swatch and I used hex by row tiling to build it.

More sketches

Final Phoenix

Colors are sunset pink and shades of gold and yellow.  To make a lively surface I have used water colors.

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