Saturday, 31 December 2016


After Christmas stress I have finally had some rest. I planned to make an every year -ginger bread house before Christmas but this year I decided to make a new years ginger bread house. House of prints, promises, goals and new accidental mishaps.

I´ll make only one promise. I will graduate this year.
I also wanna have some goals for 2017:

1. Drive a motorbike license
2. I wanna be in a condition that I can run a half marathon
3. I wanna learn fluent swedish
4. I wanna take a next step in my career whatever that is

How the ginger bread house is nothing to do with prints? Not much.. I just wanna show my decorative ginger bread house. And by that I wanna wish you all a very good new year and good luck with your new years promises and goals whatever they are.

A daughter of an architect; blueprints and cats

1st day of building a house, needed some wine.. 

2nd day; roofing celebration

And of course we had a ginger bread house warming party
Decorative and print full HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017 to all!!!

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