Monday, 26 December 2016


Why is it always so stressful before Christmas? And every year I make a promise to myself that I won´t give any presents to my naughty friends and family. And every year I still end up doing something. This year I missed a nice after work with my colleagues because I was chopping onions and garlic with tears in my eyes. This year my dear colleagues earned their presents; home made roasted garlic oil and red onion jam. It is also nice not being the only one who smells like garlic and onion at work.
Folding the gift bags was quite  easy and all you need is paper, glue and tape

I made also cards but I was too tired to finish them

I have always preferred self made gifts and this year I also wrapped them into a self made Christmas wrapping paper. I folded cute little present bags from A3:s that I first printed with my new Oh Deer -print. I used an old deer drawing I made with black ink and I added some colorful Christmas lights on it´s horns with Photoshop. The repeat is really simple, made with the Illustrator tool (pattern swatch) that is especially good and quick with these kind of simple repeats. You can easily make basic block repeats, half-brick and -drop repeats and diamond repeats. In this Oh Deer -pattern I used the honeycomb repeat.
I got back my cooking enthusiasm when I finally got a big kitchen and my own kitchen tools 

I left the gifts on my colleagues desks where they found them on the next morning

Last Wednesday I worked late and finished my presents at work. Listening to Christmas songs and wrapping presents under a bright fluorescent office lighting. My day was full of weird incidents and the stressful week and the last day before the Christmas holidays got a perfect ending when I ended up  spending my night in Burger King. Please don´t ask why. You might know of these days when everything just goes wrong. Next morning I flew to Finland to spend Christmas with my family. Now perfectly relaxed and not as stressed I´m ready to face new years new stress and new weird incidents.
Around every deer there is seven deers around it in a shape of a honeycomb
This frightened deer has visited some unlucky people's backyards and accidentally ruined their Christmas by stealing their Christmas lights. Hopefully this cute thief brought some Christmas spirit to my dear colleagues. Thanks for this year to the Best Team Ever, you really bring colorful light to my days! See you next year :)


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