Sunday, 18 December 2016


My story begins from Tampere where I was born in 1987. My hometown Tampere is the third biggest city in Finland and it´s known for it's black blood sausages and it´s strong dialect that I will probably never get rid of! Tampere is divided by a wild river that once gave power to the factories that were built by the streaming water. Tampere has especially a strong history with the textile industry; cotton, linen and jersey.  Finlayson is one of those companies and it still exists up until this day, even though most of the textile industry in Finland is dead. That´s just sad!

This week I have worked with a custom work with a small brokerage office from Tampere. My task was to draw a suitable heading picture for the companies Facebook page. Customer´s wish was to have a silhouette of a town somehow related to Tampere. Vita, the owner of Vita LKV is forwarding houses and flats with customer oriented approach in Tampere and surrounding cities. So if you ever need to get a home from Tampere or wanna rent or sell contact Vita here:

I made the picture for Vita LKV and I thought why not make a print as well. My Tampere inspired print could work in interior textiles like curtains and bedsheets.
Landmarks of Tampere are definitely Näsinneula, Haulitorni and the chimneys of the old factories. I love Tampere, because it´s so down to earth. Last time when I visited there I was standing behind the cat cafés window watching the cats. Two totally strange people started to talk to me, a young girl and an old man. This made my day so much better. This doesn´t happen in Helsinki or Stockholm because it would be just weird. People from Tampere are truly authentic, friendly, relaxed and easy going and I always feel so welcomed when I go there (witch is too rarely I´m afraid). Anyhow the spirit of Tampere will always be strong in me. I will always talk to strangers, especially in elevators :)

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